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Animals for Tv and commercials:

The Zookeeper's Wife - American epic filmed in the Czech Republic 2015



For the filming prepared and trained Ludvík Berousek his team more than a hundred exotic animals, filming took place four months at various locations in the Czech Republic. Here picture of the brave lions dangerous scenes on the street.

The famous circus family Berousek has been working on tv and in commercials for ten generations already!

We propose to you more than one hundred breeds of animals for rent including exotic animals, baby animals and rare kinds of animals (e.g. white lion, golden tabby tiger, leopard, panther, camel, dromedary, French donkey Baudet de Poitou, welsh pony, Watusi, alligator, zebra, dutch goat, zebu, bear, horses, etc…).


These programs are suitable for company parties, galas, birthdays, schools or any other kind of events. We offer horse, pony and camel riding as well and also have a travelling zoo. On top of that we also rent out our circus chapiteau. If you children would like to ride on our animals, be assured that our animals were trained and raised for this and very patient. The children can help feed the animals and later take photos as a nice memory.

You can hire us for company events, birthdays, Christmas events or if you´re searching for that special kind of marriage surprise gift we are just the right people for you!

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